About Flite Electronics’ Avionics Shop & Sales

In the late 1950’s, Dal Tex Aviation moved from the old Highland Park Airport in Dallas, Texas located just off of what is now Interstate 635 (LBJ Freeway) and Coit Road and relocated their business and hangar to the Addison Airport. The hangar was reassembled just south of what was then the Addison Airport terminal building and was referred to as Hangar 4. Dal Tex employed several mechanics and performed all mechanical and structural sheet metal work. Their business included an avionics shop which was then run by Jack Noble with one of the the employees being Randall Pledger. In 1962, Dal Tex went out of business so Randall Pledger along with H.O. Wright and Ted Cooper formed a partnership and started Flite Electronics, Inc. Over time, Randall Pledger bought out his partners and became the sole owner of Flite Electronics, Inc.

In the next few years, Flite Electronics, Inc. shared Hangar 4 with several other businesses including C & C Aircraft Services, 5 Star Enterprises, Aircraft Interiors, Omni Air Instruments, a flight school and others. Flite Electronics developed a reputation for doing the highest quality avionics installations as well has having the ability to repair anything in the avionics field. We also were known for maintaining our focus and catering to customers who own smaller privately owned aircraft. Flite Electronics remained small throughout the mid 1980’s and usually employed 1-3 high quality employees. A few of the employees during this time were Randall Pledger, Bill Carter, Jon Pomeroy, Mark Pledger, Ron Martin and Jim McKee. Then in the summer of 1979, tragedy struck. An unknown arsonist set a fire inside the Omni Air instrument shop late at night on June 2nd. The fire spread rapidly and soon engulfed the entire hangar 4. The hangar, all the businesses and all of their contents including 5 aircraft were a total loss.

One week after the tragedy, Flite Electronics and C & C Aircraft rented a small “T” hangar and started rebuilding their businesses. At that time, the Stern Air hangars had just been completed on the northern end of the airport. Both Flite Electronics and C & C Aircraft rented space, moved in and started back to work. The Stern Air hangar was a temporary location for about a year while Hangar 4 was being rebuilt. Soon, both businesses moved back into the newly rebuilt Hangar 4 which became our home for the next 5 years. In 1985, Randall Pledger, Mark Pledger and Jim McKee made the move to our current office location.

In 1989, John Peterson joined Flite Electronics. Randall Pledger started to turn over sales and installations to Mark Pledger in the early 1990’s and turned over all shop duties in 1996. In the mid 1990’s, Flite Electronics started to grow and in 1996, built a new 7200 square foot hangar next to the existing office. At this time, the Flite Electronics employee roster is currently five with Mark Pledger as President, sales and installation support, John Peterson as avionics service manager,  Michele Meyers office manager and our avionics installers Milto Salazar and Glender Morales.