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Beechcraft 58 Baron N2119L G-500 AHRS installation

Garmin G-500 GRS-77 AHRS Installation.

Beechcraft 58 Baron N2119L G-500 new panel

Cut new instrument panel from Beechcraft blank.

Beechcraft 58 Baron N2119L Garmin G-500 Panel

Removed King KI-256 F/D Indicator, King KI-525A HSI. Installed Garmin G-500 Primary Flight Display coupled to Garmin GNS-530W GPS/NAV/COM, GNS-430W GPS/NAV/COM, KR-87 ADF, KFC-200 Autopilot system. 11/2011

Beechcraft 58 Baron N2119L Original King panel

Original panel before Garmin G-500 installation.

Beechcraft 58 Baron N2119L panel in process

Panels removed for G-500 installation.

Beechcraft 58 Garmin G500 Panel.

Installed Garmin G-500 Primary Flight display. Fabricated new pilot panel. Integrated to existing avionics.

Beechcraft A36 N136RF Aspen EFD-1000 Pro

Beechcraft A36. Fabricated new pilot instrument panel. Retained King KI-525A and KI-256 Flight Director Indicator for backup. Installed Aspen EFD-1000 Pro Electronic Flight Display.

Beechcraft A36 N136RF Garmin Aspen panel

Beechcraft A36. Installed Aspen Pro. Moved King Attitude indicator and HSI to #2 position. Aspen coupled to GNS530W, GNS-430W and King KFC-200 Autopilot. 

Beechcraft A36 N136RF Garmin panel

Installed GNS-430W and GMX-200 MFD and GDL-69 data link.

Beechcraft A36 N7339R Apollo Panel

N7339R first major avionics upgrade. Removed original equipment and installed Apollo Avionics stack consisting of SL-15 audio panel, MX-20 MFD, Dual SL-30 Nav/Coms, SL-70 Transponder. 7/2000  

Beechcraft A36 N7339R Aspen EFD-1000 Pro

The flush mounted Aspen usually requires a new panel but the extra cost and effort make for a factory looking installation. The existing Century NSD-360A HSI was moved to subpanel and coupled to SL-30 Nav. 10/2009

Beechcraft A36 N7339R Aspen Garmin Panel

Completed Aspen installation with new panel. Aspen is interfaced to Garmin GNS-480 GPS/NAV/COM, SL-30 NAV/COM, Century III Autopilot. 10/2009