Flite Electronics is one of the top rated panel installers in North Texas, located at Addison Airport.

Twin Cessna 320 N4156T Aspen EFD-1000

Installed Aspen EFD-1000 Primary Flight Display, Garmin GNS-530W, GNS-430W, GTX-330. Fabricated and painted new instrument panels.

Twin Cessna 310I N8013M Aspen EFD-1000 Pro

Fabricated three new instrument panels. Installed Aspen EFD-1000 Pro, Stec 55x Autopilot, KX-165A Nav/Com, JPI EDM-760 Engine Monitor.

Twin Cessna 340A with Garmin G-500 Panel

Installed Garmin G-500 Primary Flight Display. Fabricated new pilots instrument panel for Garmin G-500 Primary Flight Display.  Retained Sandel HSI as backup for G-500. G-500 was interfaced with STEC 55X Autopilot and dual Garmin GNS-430W GPS/NAV/COMs, Garmin GDL-69 XM weather datalink, Garmin GTX-330 Transponder with TIS Traffic.

Twin Cessna 414 N414AP with Garmin G-600

Cessna 414 with new Garmin G-600 Primary Flight display.

Twin Cessna 421B with dual Garmin G-600

Cessna 421B with dual Garmin G-600s. Installed dual Garmin G-600s, dual Garmin GTN-650 touch screen GPS/NAV/COMMs, dual Garmin GTX-327 Transponders, Garmin GWX-68 Radar, Garmin GTS-800 Traffic system, Garmin GDL-69 XM weather data link, Stec 55X Autopilot system, JPI EDM-760 engine monitor, Artex ME-406 ELT, Mid Continent backup instruments. 

Twin Cessna 421C N543PM Garmin G-600

Cessna 421C. Fabricated and painted new panels. Installed Stec 55x Autopilot, GNS-430W GPS/NAV/COM, Dual GTX-327 transponder’s, new back up instruments, rewired and configured G-600.

Twin Cessna 425 Conquest N441CR G-600

Cessna 425 Conquest with dual Garmin G-600 Primary Flight Displays. Installed copilot G-600 Primary Flight display. Reconfigured pilot instrument panel. Painted all panels.

Cessna T310R Garmin G-500

This panel was completed in two stages. Stage one we removed all the King radios and installed the Gamin radio package. Stage two we installed the Garmin G-500 Primary Flight Display.

Twin Cessna 425 Conquest Garmin G-600

Cessna 425 Conquest with pilot G600.

Twin Cessna 425 Conquest N55AC G600 Garmin panel.

Removed all King Avionics. Installed Garmin G-600 Primary Flight Display, Garmin GMA-350 Audio panel, dual Garmin GTN-750 GPS/NAV/COMMS, GTX-330 Transponder, GDL-69A XM weather/radio, GTS-800 Traffic system. Fabricated new instrument panels. G-600 is interfaced to ARC 1000 IFCS Autopilot.

Twin Cessna 425 Conquest N55AC with King panel.

Cessna 425 Conquest with King Avionics package before Garmin upgrade.

Twin Cessna 414A N306PM Garmin G600 panel.

Installed Garmin GMA-350 Audio panel, Garmin G600 Primary Flight Display, dual Garmin GTN-750 GPS/NAV/COMS, dual GTX-33ES Transponders, GWX-70 Radar, GDL-69A XM weather/radio, GTS-800 Traffic system. Fabricated and painted new panels.