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Beechcraft Bonanza V35A N555SF Garmin G-600 GNS-430W Panel

The Garmin G-600 Primary Flight Display was installed in the factory Beechcraft floating instrument panel. The instrument panel was painted to match the interior. The new avionics include PS Engineering PMA-8000B Audio panel, Dual Garmin GNS-430W GPS/NAV/COMS, GTX-330 Transponder, GDL-69 XM Weather data link and GAD-43 Autopilot adapter.

Beechcraft Bonanza V35B N6653D Garmin GTN-750 and G-500

Removed Garmin GMA-340 Audio panel, GNS-530W GPS, GNS-430W GPS, GTX-330 Transponder and KN-64 DME. Installed Garmin GMA-35 Remote audio panel, dual Garmin GTN-750 GPS/NAV/COMs, Garmin GTX-33 Transponder. Interfaced to Garmin G-500 Primary Flight Display and GDL-69 XM weather. This is the Ultimate Bonanza panel.

Twin Cessna 340A with Garmin G-500 Panel

Installed Garmin G-500 Primary Flight Display. Fabricated new pilots instrument panel for Garmin G-500 Primary Flight Display.  Retained Sandel HSI as backup for G-500. G-500 was interfaced with STEC 55X Autopilot and dual Garmin GNS-430W GPS/NAV/COMs, Garmin GDL-69 XM weather datalink, Garmin GTX-330 Transponder with TIS Traffic.

Twin Cessna 414 N414AP with Garmin G-600

Cessna 414 with new Garmin G-600 Primary Flight display.

Twin Cessna 421B with dual Garmin G-600

Cessna 421B with dual Garmin G-600s. Installed dual Garmin G-600s, dual Garmin GTN-650 touch screen GPS/NAV/COMMs, dual Garmin GTX-327 Transponders, Garmin GWX-68 Radar, Garmin GTS-800 Traffic system, Garmin GDL-69 XM weather data link, Stec 55X Autopilot system, JPI EDM-760 engine monitor, Artex ME-406 ELT, Mid Continent backup instruments. 

Twin Cessna 421C N543PM Garmin G-600

Cessna 421C. Fabricated and painted new panels. Installed Stec 55x Autopilot, GNS-430W GPS/NAV/COM, Dual GTX-327 transponder’s, new back up instruments, rewired and configured G-600.

Cessna T210M G-500

Cessna T210M with new Garmin avionics package. All Narco avionics were removed. Installed Garmin G-500 Primary Flight Display, PS Engineering PMA-8000B Audio panel, dual Garmin GNS-430W gps/nav/comms, GTX-330 mode S transponder with TIS Traffic, GDL-69 XM weather datalink. Fabricated new instrument panels, panels were powder coated black.

Cessna T310R Garmin G-500

This panel was completed in two stages. Stage one we removed all the King radios and installed the Gamin radio package. Stage two we installed the Garmin G-500 Primary Flight Display.

Garmin G-500/600 (G-600)

G-600 systems come with SVT Synthetic Vision and GAD43 Autopilot adapter, these are options with the G-500. See how we have transformed these airplanes for a fraction of the cost of a new plane.  See how we have transformed our customers panels. See G-500/600 installs in our PANEL GALLERY section.

Beechcraft Bonanza F33A N89GW Garmin G-600 JPI-930

This upgrade completes the Garmin avionics suite that started in 2002 with a Garmin GNS-530 installation. This project started by removing the entire Beechcraft instrument panel. A new custom panel was designed and cut out with our CNC router. The panel was powder coated to match the interior. The King HSI and Flight Director indicator were removed along with all the engine/fuel instruments, engine driven vacuum and electric vacuum pumps. The Garmin G-600 Primary Flight Display and JPI EDM-930 Primary engine display were installed in the new panel. The G-600 is interfaced to Garmin GNS-530W GPS/NAV/COM, GNS-430W GPS/NAV/COM, GTX-330 TIS Traffic, GDL-69 XM Weather and King KFC-200 Autopilot. The G-600 AHRS provides pitch and roll information…