Flite Electronics is one of the top rated panel installers in North Texas, located at Addison Airport.

Beechcraft B36TC N111PC Aspen Evolution 2000

Fabricated new pilots instrument panel. Removed King KI-256 FD Indicator, King KI-525A HSI system, Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter. Installed flush mount Aspen Evolution 2000 Flight display system, Sigma Tek vacuum attitude indicator. 5/2011

Beechcraft Bonanza B36TC Panel in process

Panels removed during Aspen Evolution installation.

Beechcraft Bonanza B36TC N111PC Original King Panel

Original King KI-256 Flight Director and KI-525A HSI before HSI installation.

Beechcraft Bonanza B36TC N111PC Aspen Garmin King Panel

Aspen Evolution 2000 System interfaced to Garmin GNS-530W, King KX-165A Nav/Com. Aspen AHRS provides attitude information to King KFC-225 Autopilot. 5/2011