Avionics Installation in Addison, TX

Air Agency CertificateAt Flite ELECTRONICS, Inc., a large part of our business is avionics installation in Addison, TX. We represent all of the major avionics manufacturers, with some dealerships going back over 45 years. Our installations range from simple intercom installations to completely new custom instrument panels, avionics, autopilot systems, and glass primary flight displays.

Our wiring harnesses are built on the bench and tested before being installed. During the installation process, all old wiring from old systems is removed. Wiring behind the instrument panel is cleaned up before we install the new harness. Having all of the wiring behind the panel routed and secured gives years of trouble-free service and reduces the need for maintenance.

All antennas that we install will have a custom doubler fabricated and then alodined and primed. Doublers are riveted to the aircraft. Antennas are sealed with Pro Seal.

Instrument panels are cut with a CNC router. Panels are painted or powder-coated to customer specifications. All placards are silkscreened or engraved; we use no stick-on tape.

You will be provided custom wiring prints of the installation in your plane. We do not make photocopies of the manufacturer’s installation manual.

Avionics Repair

Flite ELECTRONICS, Inc. is an FAA-certified repair station CRS# DG2R767K, with Class 1-2-3, Limited Instrument, and Limited Airframe ratings.

We are a full-service repair station with the ability to repair in house most avionics installed in piston and light turbine aircraft.

Autopilot Repair

We have in-house repair capabilities for King, Bendix, Cessna ARC, Century, and S-TEC autopilot systems.